Cutting Edge Technology for Web-based GIS Solutions

High Performance

Following our philosophy of optimizing business integration, our concept is offering universal access to our platform packaged as software as a service. Our system’s unmatched performance, availability, functional maturity, flexibility and intuitiveness will make it popular among business partners.

Centralized Management

The solution’s central feature is a real time collaborative platform that gives you a bird’s eye view of your organization’s production, management and executive systems. Each participant contributes in a given role and contributes their part to the data system.

Cross Functionality

In order to achieve our goal of unlimited sharing, we have built our management platform atop modern communication protocols giving you unprecedented mobility and flexible access to the application. A consolidated enterprise solution will energize your organization, allow for greater awareness to the benefit of your development strategy. The power of our solution is matched by our commitment to quality norms and certification, guaranteeing our clients in their investments.


The next generation tools assist you in improving and elucidating your activities while linking business data to cartographic data. Maps are a powerful tool for fostering business partners’ active participation. Our easy-to use interface is designed so that users can easily overcome the hurdles inherent to new technologies while maintaining qualitative and quantitative precision.


We are dedicated to automating a maximum number of repetitive procedures, hereby streamlining workflow. Our platform is designed to accelerate success, generate growth and allow for certain positions to be transferred to more productive tasks.


We continuously strive to accompany our partners in meeting business needs with services such as offsite hosting, data maintenance and security. Our ambition is that your technical decisions be reinforced by the presence of an associate with a full mastery of the tools and the ability to adapt them to your requirements. Alternative economic models are also avaiable to meet our partners’ needs :
- Web-based cartographic engine accessble via APIs for intergrator needing to develop custom products
- Linking existing management systems together to enable synthesized cartographic views : Business Intelligence

Return on Investment

This product assures successful deployment of the platform followed by user acceptance. This tool is in constant evolution and will rapidly increase profitability. It is an efficient medium dedicated to help you reorganize and become more competitive. Act faster, more efficiently, with higher quality indicators. Generate market visibility, and increase product and brand awareness.

Examples of applications running on a common framework :
- Business Intelligence
- Drinking Water Networks
- Sewage Networks
- Electricity & Public Lighting Networks
- Cemeteries
- Land-Use Management
- Remote sensing